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Extending the life of your monitor

There are a few things that can shorten the life of your computer monitor. If you do the following you will be able to extend the life of your screen by several years:

Set your screen saver to turn on after 5-10 minutes of being idle.

This is good because you might get up to get a drink, but still need the computer to be readily available.

Set your screen save to be the Windows "Blank" screen saver, or to go to a solid black screen.

Going to solid black uses less electricity and uses less light, resulting in your tubes, and LCD bulbs lasting longer. This also helps to fight burn-in.

Set your monitor to turn off after 15 minutes of the computer being idle.

Chances are if your computer is idle for 15 minutes, you may have forgotten to turn the computer off, or something important has happened to keep you away from your system for awhile.

Adjust the brightness of your monitor to be just where you need it.

Some people set the brightness of their monitor to the maximum, however this just burns the bulbs out faster. Setting the brightness correctly and then adjusting the color, or gamma settings is the best solution.

When leaving your computer on turn the monitor off.

Sometimes background programs will kick in and make the computer think that someone is using it. Turning the monitor physically off prevents the screen from turning back on by itself.


Last Updated: 07/13/2008 03:31 PM

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