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How to sync music to a device with Windows Media Player

Connect the MP3 player to the computer through the USB port.

Windows will ask you want you want to do. If you choose "Sync Media with device" Windows Media player should open up. All of your existing music should be in your windows media player library, if not you will need to add it. You can then browse the music library on the left and when you find a song or album you want on the MP3 player you can drag and drop it on the sync panel on the right side.

After you drag and drop all the music you want for sync you can press the "start sync" button on the right side.

To remove music from the MP3 player you can browse the music on it by choosing the folders under it on the left
side of the screen. Select the Song, Artist, or album that you want to delete from the mp3 player and press the
delete (del) button on the keyboard. This will remove the music directly from the device. You can also right click on the music and select remove to delete it from the device.

Last Updated: 07/03/2009 03:55 PM

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