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NOC: Episode 3 Vista Barrows from the Mac

The sequel to our Mac features video, we show what features in Vista are obviously pulled straight from the Mac.

Many people say that Microsoft pulled these features directly from the Mac, for the most part I would have to agree. However you must also look at it this way. If Apple has a good idea, and is using it and people like it, why should'nt Microsoft use a similair idea. This keeps Microsoft current, and gives them features that people like. On top of that Microsoft goes through and adds some additional features, some that gain some press, and others that won't. Just as Apple will add features to their operating system that gain little attention. Both companies take ideas from each other, and ideas from other companies. People say Microsoft stole these ideas like it was a bad thing, however everyone should look at it as a good thing.

Competition always causes two things in the business world: Price changes, and better service.

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