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Fraudulent Computer Repair Shops

As you may know there are numerous Fraudulent computer repair shops around, and as a legitimate repair shop we want you to know about this behavior!

CBC performed a sting of 10 different companies, and recorded them. It was a setup as they knew the exact problem, but wanted to see what some of these business would find wrong with their system.

The results? 7 out of 10 companies didn't know what they were doing!

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So what is our recommendation to protect yourself?

1. Ask the technician on the phone what they think the problem is. A good technician will be able to give you a few suggestions as to the possible problems, someone who either does not care or is un-experianced will say they will find out when they get there.

2. Ask them how they intend to take card of the problem, will they check error logs? Will they check for damage? or do they want to replace parts?

3. Ask them about the kinds of tools they use! Do they have RAM checking utilities, do they have system disks?

In the process of asking these questions you will be able to find out if the technician is out to make a quick buck, or if they seriously want to fix your system.

Last Updated: 03/10/2008 02:36 AM