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Doc: Adobe Tech Support

As you may have seen the other day on Twitter I had just finally gotten around to upgrading my home desktop to Windows Vista (Another post will be made on that soon). Of course in the process of doing an operating system upgrade there will always be a program or two that does'nt work, acts weird, or just has to be reinstalled.

One product I did not expect to have this issue with was Adobe Photoshop CS2. I have been using Adobe Photoshop 7 on another 100% work based computer running Vista for months, and had no issues at all. So surely the newer much better CS2 product should have run just as good you would think.

Well once I got Vista installed, and updated one of the first things I decided to do was start working on the website again. So I cranked up Photoshop CS2, and was greated with a friendly "You must activate your product now" message. I figured with the updated operating system CS2 simply assumed it had been suffled onto a new computer and needed to be verified. So I went through activated the product, and went about my merry way.

At some point I needed to restart the computer for another program I had installed. Upon coming back online, I discovered that opening Photoshop CS2, gave me the "Activate this product now" message again. Now you guess since I am writting this, the bloody thing would'nt let me activate and told me to call adobe.

When I got ahold of the Adobe activation team, and explained the situation, they told me "You can't use that on Vista, we don't support it.". Then bothered to tell me that I need to upgrade to CS4 if I want to use the product with Vista. If you are not aware, a brand new copy of photoshop can run around $700, and an upgrade copy around $300. Obviously I have'nt upgraded because there is no feature reason for me to do so, and CS2 is'nt that old to begin with. Further inquires to the tech support rep, yielded no results. They have no patches, and no workarounds for this constant activiation message.

So I did what any GOOD tech support person would do, and tried to find a fix. Immediately I thought of the compatibility options in Windows Vista. Changing the shortcut properties I set it to always run as Administrator, and run in XP SP2 compatibility mode (More detailed steps here). Surprise, it worked and I have'nt gotten the message again.

The real issue here is that allot of the tech support reps nowadays (not all of them) do not understand the operating systems, or even how basic hardware works. The rep could have said, "Sorry we don't have any patches or registry work arounds, but have you tried compatibility mode?" It was the first thing I thought of when he said, there was nothing he could do. Instead he tells me Vista is too complex, and my only choice is to upgrade.

On top of that the quality of the products all around these days has decreased. If tech support, engineers, and sales teams would simply work together and go that extra step, everything would be much better, and they would'nt find themselfs being outsourced overseas.

Last Updated: 01/18/2009 03:39 PM

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