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Doc: Analog Video and Audio

Before I start, I am all for digital video and audio. The quality is better, the picture is great, the sound is crisp.

That alone would make me want to have only digital video and audio equipment. However there is one thing that keeps me from doing it, well technically two things. Cost, and what I can do with the digital signal.

Think about it, for around $20 of hardware, I can split an analog video connection to go to two monitors at the same time. With digital I would have to spend much more, if I could even do it at all. Most digital equipment now uses a USB connection, the more professional stuff uses firewire (which you can buy converters and splitters for) however those cost an arm and a leg!

Then you have the stuff using HDMI, which is fairly new for consumers to be using. Yes, you can get stuff that works with HDMI, however try finding a video and audio splitter for an HDMI setup. Go ahead, try it. I'll still be waiting here. If you did find one, you would see it's not cheap.

So you know what, I'm going to stick with analog equipment, and my old skool RCA connectors until someone makes some reasonably priced digital splitters, combiners, and other basic equipment.

Last Updated: 01/26/2009 06:00 PM

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