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New Compaq POST screen

So I was out the other day setting up a Compaq computer for a customer they just purchased. I hooked it up, and turned it on and was greeted with a POST screen that had this on it:

Forgive the poor quality as it was taken with a cell phone... However this screen instantly brought back some memories of something I did a couple years ago on another site...

That's right, I had made some images years ago on "lawn mower safety" after having seen a warning label on an actualy lawn mower:

I mean just look at that picture, it shows that no matter what dancing near a running lawn mower with the sheild in place is still going to get you messed up. I assume the guy is supposed to be running toward the mower, but it looks like he is trying his dance moves. So anyway... I was watching this POST screen and thought it was odd that the guy was dancing, but when the Windows setup screen began you had more of these stick guys parading around the screen.

Now when I see these stick guys I think of two things. Warning labels, and animated stick guys fighting. Is that anything you want to associate with your brand new computer?

Obviously I am thinking too much into this, so instead of a rambling/rant I give you the rest of the lawn mower warning labels!

One last legit warning label... I still say he looks like he is dancing, or was trying to at the time.

And now for the more comical ones...

Don't jump your mower over an aligator pitt!

Do not attempt to joust a police car with your mower.

Better yet, just don't joust anyone while ridding a mower.

Seriously you will not escape the police while ridding your mower.

Finally do not operate your mower, if it, or yourself are on fire.

That's it. I was planning on making more of them back in the day, but kinda lost interest in doing it. However if you guys find this utterly hillarious I could crank some more out, perhaps not all mower related... I have seen some odd ones on electric trucks, and other equipment.


Last Updated: 06/21/2009 01:30 PM

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