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Throughly not impressed with Facebook

Soooo.... Someone asked me some questions about facebook, in particular integration with another website. Thus despite my dislike of the service I decided to create a profile on the site and try to see what the hype is all about.

To summarize what I feel about it, have you seen the rant Christian Bale had with his lighting manager? No? Well check it out, be warned there is much profanity to be had:

Have you seen it? Well that's pretty much how my reaction is to facebook.

Seriously? What were they thinking. Yes I understand that the focus of the site is to get connected with your friends, but the whole navigation seems to be centered on "JOIN JOIN JOIN!" Even after you sign up and are logged in you are constantly pestered to Join this or Join that, and always reminded to "Invite your friends!". Now on the benefit of Facebook it does get less anoying after you logout and log back in after you first create your account. The navigation actually improves after doing this. This is something that should'nt have been an issue to begin with.

When I first made my account, I started out wanting to make one for "The NOC" not for myself. So I signed up as a business on there, and then I find I basically can't do anything without making my own profile and linking it to the business account. There probably is a way to do alot of things without having to make a personal account, but the navigation and interface pretty much was so confusing that first time in that it seemed to be that was my only way to get things done.

So now I had to go through and put all my information in again for the personal profile. I do that and... wait... where did my business profile go?! So I spend a good 5 to 10 minutes clicking on "Profile", Home, friends, settings, and I can't find my business profile or how to get back to editing it. So I get throughly ticked at this point, and then notice something. There is a navigation bar ALL the way at the bottom of the page, where I would never look for going between features.

Long story short I find the "Pages" feature by going through this thing, and learn that yes I can update my business profile. To be more specific it's not really even a profile it seems, it's kind of a profile, but more of "additional" information or something. I say this because it seemed to always want me to update my profile, and then kinda do some stuff to my business profile. Now, like I said before the navigation seems to change after you logout and log back in after you register for the first time. So finding and updating my business profile is simple and straight forward now that I've logged out and back in.

Now from what I can figure out here in just a few minutes of using this thing, is that almost all activity seems to be centered around your "wall". You post updates to it, pictures, video, etc. Looking at other profiles it seems the wall posts are rather short and include a video, picture or other content. Simple, I can understand that. Now lets look at trying to do something else. Lets say I want to make a blog post. Lets say I want to post something long like I have here. The notes feature seems to do this, but let's be straight here, there is no GUI editor for the notes. That is so not going to cut it. So I look around and try to figure out if there is a blog feature.

There is... and there is'nt a blog with facebook. You see alot of the extra features to facebook revolve around "applications" to extend it. That's nice that it can be extended, however almost all of these applications have horrible ratings. I did a search for "Blog" in the applications listing and the highest rated was 3 stars?! Seriously? That's the best they had? Everything else was rated 2 or less... that's really going to make me want to use it huh?

I check out the reviews of the application, because it has 900+ reviews, surely there must be something really jacked up about it to be only 3 stars. Looking over the comments I see like 10... 10 comments on it. Two 5 star ratings and the rest are 3 and 2, and a single 1 star. Several of them did'nt even have text to explain why. One of them said "There is no login box". Ugh... so I installed it, why not? I had no problem finding the login box. I guess I'm not the only one that must have had issues with facebook navigation at some point. I decided to integrate my account, all seems fine... EXCEPT IT INTEGRATED IT WITH MY MAIN PROFILE! I wanted it on the business profile, not mine! Now I'm spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to add it to just my business profile. I say the heck with it and try to add it to my main profile as a new tab... However that tab stays blank! Is my blog supposed to show on it? Does it do something else? Is there some kinda link I need to provide people with? If that's the case I'll just link people to the website here... I mean what the heck!

Ok... fine, I'll just use it to see what my friends are up to, I'll add them see their updates to their wall, they can see mine. It should be great huh? So... I add a friend and go to add another and... the hell.. I'm being suggested a bunch of people I have no idea who the hell they are. Are they a friend of my friend I just added... No! They just happen to have a similair name... Ugh why... You know what... I don't want to know. So I go through add a bunch more of my friends on there, each time having to do a captcha for EACH one... Finally I browsed to a different page and then decided to try and add some friends of friends. Guess what... It FINALLY gives me some text asking "Are you tired of these?" OF COURSE I AM. I was tired of them 20 some odd people ago, but NOW you ask me... you son of a... so I fill out the form and it sends me a text message to my phone... geez that's not going to be hard to fake huh... So I hit the next person to add and... WHAT THE HELL it's still asking me to do the Captcha text image bull crap... For the love of internet! Knowing how this site seems to work now I browsed to another page and came back, and NOW I can add friends without the captcha non-sense. Maybe there was a timer before that feature got activated, but I doubt it.

So next... You know what... the hell with it. Yeah, I don't want to know any more about this God awful abomination of a website. It's a barely functionaly piece of junk. The applications to extend it barely work, if at all. All you can do is post status updates to your wall and send messages to friends. My God man, what were they thinking. Where they sitting in the back going "La de da", screwing around in the background.

But I tell you what. I'll tell you one thing I do like about this site. The ads... OH GOD do I love the ads, so vague so uninteresting, and so fun to thumbs down and put in a comment like "WTF Does this have to do with anything" and "Hello... Did you think for a one second?" and the "Offensive" built in option. This gave me WAY too many laughs than I should of had with ads. I don't care about some random celebrity, I don't care about buying a house via an ad on Facebook. I just want to update my business profile...

Last Updated: 07/11/2009 02:57 AM

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