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Obvious fake anti virus is obvious!

If you suddenly got a message on your screen saying that your computer was infected, would  you know if it was a fake or the real deal? Don't feel bad if you said no_ alot of people have trouble with this and it's one of the major causes of systems getting infected.

So here is a couple of tips to help you tell fake from real.

  • Fake alerts will often say "Windows has found...".
  • Beware of vague names like "Antivirus 2009", "system defender", and "protector"
  • Be weary when something pops up and says it has found hundreds of viruses.
  • Be weary of anything saying you can fix it for only X amount of money.
  • Fake alerts are most common while browsing the web.
  • A fake will often give a very bland looking message box with the options of "Yes" and "No" or "continue" and "cancel".
  • Messages telling you to act immediately or use other fear inducing language.

Now just because you get a message like this does'nt mean your system is not infected. These are just the most common idicators of a fake.

If you get any message like the above you should press the X or close button on the window, and close all applications. Then start a scan of your computer with your actual anti virus software by opening it from your start menu.

Last Updated: 07/15/2009 07:39 PM

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