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Webpage Update Progress

Webpage Update Progress

A few of the website changes I had previously discussed are now in place, and now I want some feedback!

I know not all of the changes are in place, however two of the major ones are. I've gone through and changed how all the main pages work now on the website. So when you click on Docs, or on Videos it does'nt just show you the last article posted, but instead gives you a listing of all the articles of that type posted. That's much more useful now huh? I seriously have no idea what I was thinking when I originally did that... The second part of this was a change to the content itself. As you may notice some articles have pictures next to them. This is to help make the articles more interesting, and draw more attention to them, but also helps with the next item. The changing of how ads are displayed on the website, is slightly different, but still for the most part the same. With the images in place you may notice a couple of better placed ads along with them.

Finally this might be a controveral change, but it needed to be done. I mentioned that I wanted to add links for my main social sites, which I did. However I don't think the site needs another line of links at the top yet, and I noticed while making all the other changes the Twitter Feed hardly ever works!

That's right, I ditched the twitter feed from the website. I could have changed it to update via AJAX instead of server side pulls, but lets face it either way. If the server is having trouble pulling the update, you will have trouble pulling it. Twitter has simply been going up and down WAY too much for me to want to keep the updates showing on the site, and further most of what I am posting on twitter will be on the website shortly anyway.

So comment below (Yes I am working on making the comments box show directly under the content better, just scroll down) and let me know what you think about these updates.

I will be trying to sneak in one last update tonight on the bookmarking, tweetmeme, view, and ratings placement!

Last Updated: 09/14/2009 03:16 AM

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