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Review of the Nintendo 3DS System

Review of the Nintendo 3DS System

I've had the Nintendo 3DS for a while now and think I can give a pretty good review of the system and a basic run down of the experiences I've had with it. If you don't want to read a bunch of words, just jump down to the video and watch it for awhile as it's the same thing. The Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's next generation portable game system in the DS line. It features backwards compatibility with Nintendo DS and DSi games, however it does not have support for gameboy or gameboy advance games just as the DSi did. The overall build construction of the system is well, however I have some concerns about preasure on the screen. I've noticed that the outline of the lower screen sometimes shows up on the upper screen when I've had it closed for awhile, however this could just be the rubber padding causing it. New features besides the 3D screen include a telescoping stylus, an infrared port (previously found on game boy color), pedometer, and a thumbstick.

3D Effect

I obviously can't show you the 3D effect on video without a 3D camera and you having a 3D monitor so you need to take my opinion on this. The actuall look of the effect is alright, it seems good most of the time when things are moving toward or away from the screen. However games like Street fighter 4, and the 3DS Menu pretty much show the 3D effect as more of a parallax effect and not so much of it popping out at you or floating there. I've had a few others play the system and they have had varying levels of tolerance toward the effect, some can stand it for about 30 minutes, others much less. I seem to be able to tolerate it longer, but find that I need to turn it off because I get too "involved" with the game, meaning I move the unit or my head too much. The problem with the 3D effect is that it requires you to look straight on at it, if you are even a few degrees off you will start to see a double image and your eyes will want revenge on you. The good thing for parents and people who can't stand the effect (or move too much like me) is that you can turn off the 3D effect at any time and go to 2D mode and play perfectly fine. Parents can disable 3D altogether in the parental settings, and many players I suspect will turn it off if they want to play for more than 30 minutes at a time.

New Thumbstick

The new thumbstick seems to have a really nice feel to it, and seems overall very responsive. The opinion of other people I have had play it say that it's better than the PSP in terms of feel, and movement. Owning a PSP myself I think it's about the same, but do approve of the slight concave design it has to help keep your thumb on the stick. In most games it can be used as the D-pad, and the D-Pad can be used instead of the thumbstick. I find that while the stick is responsive, it is difficult to get precision out of it and often need to use the D-pad for menus and anything where I need to make sure of the button press.

Battery Life

It's bad... You can expect around 5 or 6 hours out of this thing if you adjust brightness and volume settings, and can get another 2 to 3 out of it by turning off the wireless and 3D effect. Nothing else I can say about this, except the main cause for the drop in battery life must be the 3D screen and the larger top screen. The DSi suffered lower battery life than the DS for it's enhanced screen, but adjusting settings on it also greatly improved it's battery life.

Video Review

Some new videos will be posted up soon for reviewing the individual games on the 3DS and another one for when the system firmware is released for enable web browsing and DSi transfers.

Last Updated: 05/07/2011 03:12 AM

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