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Why your PSP download speed is so slow

Why your PSP download speed is so slow

Many people, and myself included have gone through and tried to download games with our PSP, or just even browse the internet with it time to time; only to find out that it takes forever and a half. I see posts online constantly of people trying to increase the speed of their PSP downloading games, and browsing the internet. Turning on every optimization option they can, maximizing the cache and doing anything they can think of to get that extra bit of speed out of it. However there is a harsh reality here folks, and that is your PSP just does'nt have the hardware to do it.

That's right, alot of folks don't realise the download speed issues stem from two problems with the PSP. It does'nt matter if you are using it for browsing the web or downloading a game. The speed issue will persist because the PSP only has a 802.11b wireless card and a 333mhz processor.

The wireless card is the biggest factor, since the 802.11b maximum speed is 11mb in optimal conditions. You will get that speed if you are right by the wireless router, and turn off any encryption options as they add overhead to each packet of data sent. The second factor, being the 333mhz processor just does'nt have enough power to process the data fast enough, or to handle the encryption used on most modern wireless routers (such as WPA) efficiently. When you combine these two issues your PSP will crawl through pages, and download games at a snail's pace.

The browser suffers more issues when you look at how it renders pages, causing it to use the CPU even more than it can provide. Caching options will help alot here, but only so much.

Looking at the specs for the new PSP to be released called the NGP, the wireless card speed will be corrected, and possibly the CPU as well. However the exact speed of the CPU has not been released, or if the browser will be the same software or not.

So that's the reason why your PSP downloads will put you to sleep faster than any medication known to man.

Last Updated: 05/21/2011 03:33 PM

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