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NOC Episode Can your computer run Windows Vista

We used to get asked very often, if a computer can run Windows Vista. It's a bit of a trick question, it all depends on if you have driver support or not. Check with your system, or motherboard manufacturer to see if you have driver support for Vista.

Driver support is key, if the drivers are not there for your system, there is a good chance it will not run right with Vista. I have seen systems, and motherboards that do not list any drivers at all for Vista that run it perfectly fine as there is built in support for all the hardware. Because of the built in support the manufacturer will not provide their own drivers. However if you have a fairly new system, and do not see drivers listed you should be concerned. This is either the manufacturer does not support Vista for that product, is working on the drivers, or if your lucky you have native support.

In any scenario if you decide to upgrade to Vista I highly recommend that you update and patch your system fully before running any upgrade installs. Second, make sure you backup your files in the event that the upgrade fails, or something else goes wrong.

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Last Updated: 09/05/2009 04:12 AM

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