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Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Review

Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Review

When I get money from advertising I generally spend it on getting a new product to review. This time around I got the Wacom Bamboo pen and touch. I was looking for something that could give my wrist some alternative motion instead of using my mouse all the time, but from experience I didn't want to use my full 12 inch Wacom pen tablet for everyday use.

In comes the Wacom Bamboo, it gives me the option to use touch or pen/stylus for input into the computer allowing me to vary how my wrist is interacting with the screen.

I mostly use it for the multi touch capabilities and have barely used any of the pen features. The multitouch for browser, and document navigation makes it extremely useful for me when I am researching a project. However I do find that trying to use it all day for my only means of input slowed me down as touch is not as accurate as a mouse for pinpoint precession cursor placement. Using the pen I found that problem was reduced, but still around as the smaller size tablet did not relate well to my larger screen resolution. However if you bother to get use to it, you can simply write on the tablet and it will turn it into text. However for my handwriting style it works poorly as it does not have intelligent case sensitivity (trust me my hand writting is horrid), but the plus side is it did recognize my handwriting with great accuracy.

The product is marketed as an all in one device for browsing, normal use, and graphics pad. However I personally would not use this as a graphics pad, only because of the size of it. The screen to size ratio is just too great, a larger pad would (and does) work better for that purpose. But, if I am going to do small touch ups and zoom in a lot I find the device to be satisfactory for that purpose, I just wouldn't be drawing detailed art with it. The device does have eraser and tip sensitivity for support with photoshop and other high end editing software.

Overall with a price tag of around $200 I would recommend the product to others who want multitouch for their desktop, or want a basic or small graphics tablet.

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