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Laptops vs Liquids, how to salvage your laptop in the event of a liquid spill

When a liquid spills on your laptop, some quick thinking and knowing what to do can be it's last chance to be saved.

Unable to install Windows anytime upgrade

Building your own computer system Part 3 - Finishing the Build

Now that all your computer components are combined you now have Voltron! Defender of the universe... or just a computer that needs to be started up, one or the other.

Liquid cooling systems are not ready for home use

The average home computer user just can't maintain a Liquid cooling system.

Replacing the power supply on a small form factor Dell desktop

If you have a small form factor Dell desktop replacing the power supply is not too different than that of a normal computer.

Building your own computer system Part 1 - What you need

Building a computer yourself is pretty easy, however for a first time you should start by following someone else's example if possible.

Building your own computer system Part 2 - Installing components

After getting all your parts together we can now we can get to the fun part! Assembling your computer one step at a time.

Protect your system from a random sudden death!

Ever worry about one day going to turn your computer on, and it just does'nt turn on. It can happen, but there is a way to help prevent it.

Where do you buy your electronics equipment and gadgets from?

Some people have asked me where I purchase my equipment and parts from

Noc: Episode Laptop Jack Replacement

We go through a laptop to show the process of replacing a power jack

NOC Episode Cleaning Electrical Contacts

What is the best way to clean up dirty electrical contacts.

How to use compressed air safely

Using compressed air in a safe and cost effective method on computer equipment.

Software Review: McAfee Internet Security

The NOC reviews the McAfee internet security product line.

Operating System Hardening Service

Defcon-5 can perform an analysis on your servers to identify potential vulnerabilities that are often missed, and should be corrected to maximize the security of your infrastructure.

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