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as of 06/25/2019 18:19

Using the Windows Registry Editor

Probably the most powerful tool built into Windows is the registry editor. As Spiderman's uncle said... With great power comes great responsibility!

Unable to access registry keys or reset registry permissions

Unable to print only in word perfect

You receive a dialog box asking for a user name and password when navigating away from a word document

CD Rom drive is not recognized

You receive Stop error 0x0000007E after installing service pack 3 on Windows XP

Unable to change home page in internet explorer

Windows Registry Documentation

Documentation and specifications on the Windows Registry

Unable to install SQL Server 2008 or SQL 2008 SP a restart is required

Outlook express auto compacts email messages

Task Manager has been disabled by the administrator

Registry Permissions Reset Script

Use this script to reset your registry permissions, be sure to install subacl first.

Google Docs Review

Are you going to go GOOGLE for Google docs?

VIRUS ALERT! message shows up beside the time in the task bar/system

Unable to locate startup entries

Automatic Windows Updates download, but do not install

Knowledge Base Articles for 2009

Listing of all 2009 Defcon-5 Knowledge base articles.

How to Stop and Start Services via the Command line

Simple guide for how to stop or start a service via the command line

Unable to install Windows anytime upgrade

Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 Freezes After start up.

Doc: Adobe Tech Support

Another classic case of poor product and tech support

Throughly not impressed with Facebook

I am not impressed with Facebook in any shape or form

NOC: Episode 5 Using Trend Micro's HiJack This

We give a quick run down on what HiJack This is, and how to use it

Palm Pre Review

Review of the Palm Pre and some of it's issues

This language is no longer available for Spell checking in Windows Mail

Manually set IMAP Deleted folder in Mozilla Thunderbird

Automatic Update Service is missing in the windows services list

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