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Adobe Photoshop stuck on hand tool

Case Converter

Need to switch the case of a large block of text, this tool will do it.

Using the Windows Registry Editor

Probably the most powerful tool built into Windows is the registry editor. As Spiderman's uncle said... With great power comes great responsibility!

Norton Anti Virus removal tool

Tool to uninstall corportate versions of Norton Antivirus

Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 Freezes After start up.

Unable to uninstall .NET framework

Remote Support

Defcon-5 Offers remote support options over the internet, this page is a guide to help you understand what our technicians require.

Software Patching Services

Defcon-5 can perform an audit on your systems to identify what software patches, and service packs your organization should implement.

Unable to acquire an IP address from a DHCP Server

Will you ride the Google wave or stick with the technology of the past?

Google wave is a beta product in the works designed to improve how traditional email once worked.

How to use MSConfig to optimize your startup entries

MSConfig is built into your Windows system, you can use it to remove extra startup entries.

How to use Process Explorer and Task Manager to identify performance issues

If you ever had a system that was running a bit slow you might have thought about simply adding more ram to it, however that is not always the fix.

Creating an Ultimate boot CD for Windows

If you are serious about removing a virus from your computer these days, you need to have some serious tools.

Knowledge Base Articles for 2009

Listing of all 2009 Defcon-5 Knowledge base articles.

Unable to play DVD video in Windows Media Player

WEP Key Generator

WEP Key Generator allows you to quickly make secure keys.

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