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Windows Media player stays running even when closed out, with Windows 7 or Vista

Setup cannot copy the file CMNICFG.XML

Video: Downgrading from Vista to XP

Step by step how to remove Windows Vista, and install Windows XP.

Unable to install update for .NET Framework 4 KB2160841

Automatic Update Service is missing in the windows services list

svchost.exe uses high amounts of processing time

Messages may be stuck in the Outbox when you use Windows Mail

Unable to access registry keys or reset registry permissions

Systems may not run login scripts from an active directory

Unable to Connect to Domain with XP or Vista

Knowledge Base Articles for 2009

Listing of all 2009 Defcon-5 Knowledge base articles.

Automatic Windows Updates download, but do not install

Unable to play DVD video in Windows Media Player

NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED Printing to Active Directory shared printer

Adobe Photoshop CS2 always requires activation for Windows Vista

Unable to install Windows anytime upgrade

Microsoft Simplifies the versions of Windows available

Microsoft is trying to simplify the multiple versions of Windows for sale after Vista was released.

Unable to browse or connect to the internet

Video: Installing Windows 7 Beta

Installation of Windows 7 on our VMWare Virtual Machine

Using the Windows Registry Editor

Probably the most powerful tool built into Windows is the registry editor. As Spiderman's uncle said... With great power comes great responsibility!

Closing Windows Gadget causes windows to freeze

Unable to locate the Outlook express address book

Task Manager has been disabled by the administrator

Unable to add TCP/IP Printer to Windows 2008 Server, Access Denied

Creating an Ultimate boot CD for Windows

If you are serious about removing a virus from your computer these days, you need to have some serious tools.

You receive popup ads while Browsing the internet.

Knowledge Base Articles for 2008

Listing of all 2008 Defcon-5 Knowledge base articles.

NOC Episode Changing your power button in Windows Vista

Change how your power button behaves in Windows Vista

Visual Basic 6 Runtime to no longer be included past Windows 7

Microsoft will be discontinuing providing the Visual Basic 6 runtime with their next operating system.

Unable to connect to wireless networks on laptop

NOC Episode Running Programs as Administrator in Windows Vista

Having trouble running programs on Windows Vista, try running it as Administrator

Creative Labs support, where is it when you need it?

When you think of sound cards, the first name that comes to mind is Sound Blaster. Why should'nt it? The quality of sound these cards produce is great compared to many others.

Unable to install SQL Server 2008 or SQL 2008 SP a restart is required

Unable to find Windows Update on the Tools menu

The message could not be opened from Outbox folder

Unable to view email in Thunderbird after upgrading to Windows Vista

Unable to locate the Outlook express database files

Unable to login to Remote Web Workplace

Unable to locate startup entries

0xc000000e Missing or corrupt winload.exe

Unknown file in Winsock LSP

Unable to locate the Microsoft Outlook PST or OST file

svchost.exe uses 100% cpu when an HP printer is installed

This language is no longer available for Spell checking in Windows Mail

Epson Workforce 600 - An Epic Fail Like no Other

I have never seen a wireless printer so crippled and messed up out of the box

Logitech G19 Keyboard Review

The NOC reviews the Logitech G19 gaming keyboard

Unable to Install USB HP printer

NOC Episode Cleaning up your desktop in Windows Vista

Elijah suggested that we show you guys how to clean up your deskop on a Windows Vista machine

Adobe activation is ridiculous, and a failure

Adobe has managed time and time again to tick me off with software activations

How to sync music to a device with Windows Media Player

A simple guide for syncing music to a MP3 player

Doc: Adding printers on a Macintosh should be easier

Installing printers on a Macintosh should be easier than this.

Quickly bring up a run dialog

Get a Run Dialog box with just a quick key combo

How to connect to a Wireless network with Linksys Network monitor

Connect to your wireless network if windows tells you that it cannot configure this wireless connection.

Does running at a higher resolution make your computer faster?

An odd question, but does your screen resolution impact performance of your computer?

NOC Episode Can your computer run Windows Vista

Several folks have asked about upgrading their computer to run Windows Vista

NOC Episode Running Windows On A Mac

We got a question about how to run Windows on a Mac during a live stream

Printing PDF Files cause Print spooler to crash with HP Laserjet 1020

Unable to remove missing dynamic disk in Windows 2000

Unable to change home page in internet explorer

Cannot install Dreamweaver Patch 8.0.2 on Windows 7

Unable to connect to the internet on Windows Vista

CD Rom drive is not recognized

Unable to uninstall .NET framework

Negative ping responses from routers and loopbacks.

Windows 98/95 Drivers for Laserjet 2100 PCL6

Acquired from Driver

You receive Stop error 0x0000007E after installing service pack 3 on Windows XP

.Trashes folder exists on external drive

Windows Registry Documentation

Documentation and specifications on the Windows Registry

Outlook express auto compacts email messages

Task Scheduler eerror - 0x80090016: Keyset does not exist

Message on boot: Could'nt open summary/log file.

Screen saver does not work

Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

Unable to print to HP Deskjet F4280 through the network

Episode 2 Features of Mac OS X

We demo some of the cool features in OS X

5 Reasons why you should'nt use Google Chrome OS

Five reasons should be more than enough to tell you why you should'nt get a chrome book, besides the fact there are already devices like it.

NOC Episode Change detail columns in Windows Vista

Looking for a column that is missing in the detail view it's easy to change.

Right click without using your mouse

Save some time and use your keyboard to right click instead of your mouse

Project E - The Specs

The system specifications of the Asus EEE900

hpqscnvw has stopped working

Unable to acquire an IP address from a DHCP Server

Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 Freezes After start up.

Using the Ultimate Boot CD to recover files from a damaged system.

If your system no longer starts windows, you can still recover your files before you reload the system. All you need is an Ultimate boot CD, and an external drive.

EEE PC Performance Tuning

Optimizing performance of a EEE PC Netbook running Windows XP home

What to look for in purchasing a used computer

Keep an eye out for the following issues when you guy a used computer from someone, even a PC dealer.

How to use MSConfig to optimize your startup entries

MSConfig is built into your Windows system, you can use it to remove extra startup entries.

Troubleshooting Networking issues in Windows XP

Most networking and internet issues are caused by simple misconfigurations

Building your own computer system Part 1 - What you need

Building a computer yourself is pretty easy, however for a first time you should start by following someone else's example if possible.

Building your own computer system Part 3 - Finishing the Build

Now that all your computer components are combined you now have Voltron! Defender of the universe... or just a computer that needs to be started up, one or the other.

Unable to update your protection. Make sure your internet connection works before trying again.

Unknown Device shows up in Device Manager

Unable to Connect to Internet with Panda Internet Security 2007

Server Hardening Service

Defcon-5 can perform an analysis on your servers to identify potential vulnerabilities that are often missed, and should be corrected to maximize the security of your infrastructure.

Doc: Adobe Tech Support

Another classic case of poor product and tech support

NOC: Episode 1 Issues with Vista

We discuss some of the issues with windows Vista that people normally see

Apple is becoming more like old school Microsoft every day.

Microsoft might be learning the good things from Apple, but Apple seems to be only learning only the bad things from Microsoft.

Keep your software up to date

I wish I could stress this even more, keep your software up to date and prevent issues.

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5, was broken in many ways

Mac OS X Leopard gave us many new features, however there are quite a few things it just simply broke. Serving up Malware via Ads last weekend

Last weekend the news site was displaying Ads that contained malware.

Unable to print only in word perfect

Unable to run program as administrator in Vista

Unknown bluetooth device

VIRUS ALERT! message shows up beside the time in the task bar/system

You are unable to login to the Trend Micro OfficeScan management console, due to a forgotten password.

HP Photosmart gives an "Ink System Error"

Office 2003 will not activate by telephone

Adobe Photoshop stuck on hand tool

Knowledge Base Articles for 2011

Listing of all 2011 Defcon-5 Knowledge base articles.

Stop being cheap and give me my restore CD

Why are system builders being cheap skates and not providing restore disks with new systems.

Obvious fake anti virus is obvious!

If you suddenly got a message saying your system is infected, do you know if it's the real deal or a fake?

NOC Episode Upgrading to Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

We finally got ahold of our copy of OS X 10.5 and decide to upgrade

New Compaq POST screen

The new Compaq POST screen reminded me of something I did long ago

Does your system have a virus, or something else?

Poor performance of your computer could be due to a virus, or something worse.

Web Designer - Job Listing

Job listing for Web designer position

WEP Key Generator

WEP Key Generator allows you to quickly make secure keys.

Case Converter

Need to switch the case of a large block of text, this tool will do it.

How to turn Cold Fusion CFML into Java Byte code

Convert your CFML into Java byte code to prevent tampering

How to Stop and Start Services via the Command line

Simple guide for how to stop or start a service via the command line

Extending the life of your monitor

What is the best way to extend the life of a computer screen

Quick Tip - Jump to your browser's address bar

Here is a quick tip on how to jump to the address bar on your browser using your keyboard.

Web Hardening Service

Defcon-5 can perform an analysis on your website and webserver to identify potential vulnerabilities that are often missed on websites, and webservers.

Knowledge Base Articles for 2007

Listing of all Knowledge Base Articles created by Defcon-5 in 2007

Google Chrome OS Beta Review

Google has released Chrome OS in beta form for developer preview and testing. I have managed to get ahold of a copy in virtual machine disk format to review.

Review of the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 digital camera

Bang for the buck the Xacti VPC-CG10 has more features than other video cameras in it's price range.

How to use Process Explorer and Task Manager to identify performance issues

If you ever had a system that was running a bit slow you might have thought about simply adding more ram to it, however that is not always the fix.

Software Review: McAfee Internet Security

The NOC reviews the McAfee internet security product line.

Palm Pre Review

Review of the Palm Pre and some of it's issues

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