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as of 01/18/2019 19:14

Facebook Applications creating posts with fake delete buttons

New malicious facebook apps are creating fake removal buttons and spaming the friends of anyone who removes them.

Office 2003 will not activate by telephone

Unable to print to HP Deskjet F4280 through the network

Printing PDF Files cause Print spooler to crash with HP Laserjet 1020

CD Rom drive is not recognized

Task Scheduler eerror - 0x80090016: Keyset does not exist

How to sync music to a device with Windows Media Player

A simple guide for syncing music to a MP3 player

Palm Pre vs iPhone which is better

I often get asked which device I prefer, which one is the better phone the Pre or the iPhone. Obviously this is something that is going to be more based on opinion, as there are only a few things hardware wise that seperate them.

Programmer and Developer Services

Defcon-5 can perform an analysis on your application code to find vulnerabilities (such as SQL injection) that you did not know existed, allowing you to have a greater return on investment than ever before.

Unable to browse or connect to the internet

Palm Pre Review

Review of the Palm Pre and some of it's issues

Video: Downgrading from Vista to XP

Step by step how to remove Windows Vista, and install Windows XP.

Using the Windows Registry Editor

Probably the most powerful tool built into Windows is the registry editor. As Spiderman's uncle said... With great power comes great responsibility!

Malware Removal Services

Defcon-5 can remove various types of malware from your computers and network, such as spyware, viruses, and worms.

Software Patching Services

Defcon-5 can perform an audit on your systems to identify what software patches, and service packs your organization should implement.

Task Manager has been disabled by the administrator

.Trashes folder exists on external drive

Unable to access registry keys or reset registry permissions

Messages may be stuck in the Outbox when you use Windows Mail

Unable to print only in word perfect

Manually set IMAP Deleted folder in Mozilla Thunderbird

Unable to remove missing dynamic disk in Windows 2000

Unable to change home page in internet explorer

Unable to install SQL Server 2008 or SQL 2008 SP a restart is required

Increase your ranking in search engines

Here are several of our tips to improve your search engine ranking.

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