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Video: How to replace a laptop keyboard

Replacing a laptop keyboard is one of those things you probably won't have to do, but if you need to it is a good idea to learn the few tricks to it.

Generally a keyboard is held in with one or more screws on the bottom of the laptop, and often two or more on screws under the button bezel. Making removal of the bezel mandatory in most, but not all cases. I have seen a few laptops where the screws for the keyboard are directly accessible by opening the LCD of the laptop, and have no bezels to take off.

If you have never taken apart a laptop, or replaced a keyboard before I highly recommend finding a copy of the manual for your system before proceeding. The reason here is that each laptop will be different, and what I show you in this video may not apply to your system. However in general what I will show you should be enough to do the job.

In this video I show you how to remove most bezels and most keyboards in a matter of minutes.


Last Updated: 09/05/2009 11:25 PM

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