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Troubleshooting Networking issues in Windows XP

Troubleshooting Networking issues in Windows XP

I would say roughly 90% of the reasons I get called out for network and internet connectivity issues are due to simple reasons.

Going through and checking these simple configuration issues yourself can save you the trouble of calling someone to come fix it or waiting for your ISP's technical support to answer the phone.

I use these same methods myself when I find that my internet connection is down or not working, and it has saved me from calling my ISP numerous times.

Ironically speaking of ISP technical support, several times a customer will contact their ISP first before calling me, and I still surprised that many of these things are not checked. In some cases the technical support representative will actually have you perform other tasks that are not needed before trying these quick basic things.

I assume this is because of all the outsourcing done these days that representatives are only allowed to follow the scripts they have on screen, but it could be for any number of reasons.

So anyway, here are the most common issues I find :

  • A manually set IP address when autoconfigure/DHCP is needed.
  • Wireless cards turned off or disabled
  • Bad network cables
  • Routers turned off, or unplugged
  • Routers needing a restart
  • Bad or malfunctioning firewall software

Check out the video on how you can check some of these yourself:


Last Updated: 09/14/2009 03:31 AM

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