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Creating an Ultimate boot CD for Windows

Creating an Ultimate boot CD for Windows

If you are serious about removing a virus from your computer these days, you need to have some serious tools. Viruses and spyware these days come out so fast they can break right past even the best antivirus products, and are crafted so they merge and become a part of your operating system. Scanning your system after getting infected does not always remove an infection, and to those who don't have the know how or tools will have to reload their system, or take it to a repair shop to be cleaned.

In most cases if an antivirus or spyware product cannot remove the virus while windows is running, you can use a boot cd to startup in a safe copy of windows and remove the virus. The reason this works is because you are taking out the virus before it has a chance to run, and therefore can't defend itself. It's like killing it while it sleeps.

However to do this, you first need a boot cd. I use and recommend the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, because it provides a wide variety of tools and utilities for cleaning systems AND performing diagnostics.

To build your own boot CD you will need the following:

  • A copy of Windows XP Home or Professional with at least service pack 1 or 2 (3 is even better). Do not use an OEM copy from dell, hp, toshiba, etc.
  • The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows files from the website
  • A CD burner and software
  • About 30 minutes or so of spare time

Now it should go without saying, but I will anyway. You do not want to make this CD after you need it, you should have it before you need it. So don't try to make this CD on the infected computer. Instead prepare it on another computer and then use it, if you need it after the fact.

Watch the video how to below:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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