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Network Hardening Service

While you might have secured your servers well, it is still possible to compromise the data that is sent between them and your customers if you have not secured your network as well.

Unsecured wireless access points

One of the biggest security issues we have found with most networks is the implementation of wireless access points. Time and time again we find that even large companies implement wireless access points and do not secure them. This allows anyone with a computer and a wireless network card to get on your network with as little effort as turning on their computer. Because this is such a common security issue we actually offer this service by itself, however we also package it with our network hardening service.

Un-patched routers and devices

Another common issue we find is that routers and other network devices are often purchased, implemented and never touched again. This is more common for small businesses, and individuals as they do not have a need to update the settings on the devices very often. Because of this they do not bother to update the operating system or other software running on the device. This is often due to the mentality "Why fix what is not broke?". The problem with not patching your network devices is that an attacker could launch an attack directly on that device. What can happen then is that device may stop communicating traffic between your systems and your customers correctly, or allow the attacker to change device settings to accomplish the same objective.

How do we correct these issues?

When we arrive on site we will ask you for access to your networking rooms, and permission to check the security configuration of your network devices by logging into them. We make note of the make and model of the device, and what version of the operating system it is running, along with various other configuration information. Then again with your permission we install the latest vendor supplied patches to the device, and make any configuration changes to the device that you approve for us to perform. During this process we will check your physical building for rouge wireless access points, and other devices that you might not be aware of, often these devices where installed without your approval or knowledge. During this process we will also make note of any devices that we find that are installed in an un-secure fashion. For example devices located in low traffic areas that are accessible by the public, unsecured wiring closets, and network connections accessible to the public. Some attackers do have the courage to try and access such devices, and in most cases where this problem exists this can be quite easy to do without being noticed.

We are very through in our analysis of your network, we can perform our analysis on single buildings, specific network segments, or your entire organization. Contact us to discuss pricing and other options for the security analysis of your systems.


Last Updated: 03/10/2008 02:56 AM