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Internet Hardening Service

The first step to securing any network that is connected to the internet is to make sure all traffic coming into your network from the internet is supposed to be in your network.


Implementing a firewall is the first step to protecting your network and systems from attacks from the internet. A firewall will allow you to specify what ports you want accessible from the internet. Services such as web, and email run on their own port from a server. For example a web server would need port 80 open so that visitors can get to the website. Other ports such as 139 for net-bios, and other services you want to keep internal you would block from the internet with your firewall. We can inspect your firewall's configuration to make sure that you have the minimum number of ports open to maximize the security of your internet connection.

Spam and viruses

Everyone hates spam, and viruses, so you should have a spam filter and an anti-virus program as well. Depending on the size of your business or if your an individual, we can help you find the best anti-spam and anti-virus solution for your network. A dedicated virus checking system may be needed for your internet connection if you are large enough. Dedicated hardware will scan all files coming in and out of your network for viruses. The same goes for spam, having a dedicated piece of hardware can be quite effective, however we know that this is not the best solution for all businesses and individuals. We can help you configure your virus scanners, and spam filters for optimal effectiveness, reducing false positives, and false negatives.

Contact us to discuss what internet security options we can help you implement. Remember that securing your connection to the internet is just the first step to securing your systems. Check our other services to learn about other ways we can provide you a total security solution.

Last Updated: 03/10/2008 02:58 AM