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Unable to play DVD video in Windows Media Player

Problem Description:

You are unable to play DVDs with Windows Media Player.

You may receive the following message when you try to play a DVD in Windows Media Player 11 "Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try lowering your screen resolution and color quality settings."

Cause of the Problem:

Windows Media player cannot find a mpeg2 codec to play DVD content.

By default Windows XP, Vista Home Basic, Vista Enterprise, and Vista Business edition DO NOT include a DVD/mpeg2 codec, and will need to have one installed to play DVDs.

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Use the following tool provided by Microsoft to see if you have any mpeg2 codecs installed on your system.

If there are no codecs available on your system install a DVD codec on your system such as PowerDVD, Nero, or Roxio. Keep in mind that several DVD codecs are not free.

The following are free Media players that work with DVDs:

You can use these programs to open up and play DVD content without having to purchase additional software.

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Last Updated: 03/02/2008 01:35 PM

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