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Message on boot: Could'nt open summary/log file.

Problem Description:

When you start up windows you get a blue screen that says "Could'nt open summary/log file..."

Cause of the Problem:

You have diskeeper installed and have it set to do a boot time defragmentation. With this turned on you also have the option turned on to create a summary/log file which will by default go to your floppy disk drive "A:" .

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Open up diskeeper and turn off the option to create a summary log file on boot.

The location of this setting can vary from version to version.

The option should be under "Defragmentation Options" where there will be either a "Boot time" or "On Boot" option. On that page there should be the option to turn off the "create summary log file".

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Last Updated: 03/19/2008 08:02 AM

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