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Screen saver does not work

Problem Description:

Leaving your computer idle for the designated time for your screen save to kick in, does not result in the screen saver running.

Cause of the Problem:

There is either a hardware device or a piece of software sending a signal to the computer that the screen needs to stay active or that there is activity with the computer.

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The most common cause of this behavior is that a wireless mouse is connected to the computer and is sending a signal that the mouse has moved.

Sometimes cleaning the mouse will resolve this issue, in some cases there is no workaround other than to disconnect the mouse. This also seems to happen more commonly with Microsoft bluetooth or notebook wireless mice. These mice often use the Microsoft intellipoint software.

On Windows Vista computers there is a software update that will normally resolve this issue. Simply run your windows update to install the fix.

In the event that this does not resolve your issue it is recommended to go through your proceses one by one and stop them, each time testing the screen saver to identify which process is the issue.

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Last Updated: 03/22/2008 10:47 PM

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