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Task Manager has been disabled by the administrator

Problem Description:

The Task Manager option is disabled on the taskbar shortcut menu, or when you try to open up the Task Manager you get the message "Task Manager has been disabled by the administrator".


Cause of the Problem:

A virus will most likely cause this behavior. Another possible cause is if your computer is part of a Windows domain, or was a part of a Windows domain with group policies in effect.

Either of these should change, or create the following registry key:

Key: HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\DisableTaskMgr
Value: 1

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If your computer is part of a Windows domain you will need to change the domain's security policy.

If your computer is a home computer, or has never joined a domain, then delete the following registry key:


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Last Updated: 04/08/2008 07:21 PM

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