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NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED Printing to Active Directory shared printer

Problem Description:

Attempting to print to a printer shared through a Windows active directory via a Mac OS X system results in an error being displayed for a brief period of "NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED".

Cause of the Problem:

The samba implementation with Mac OS X is not fully compatible with that of Windows 2003 or Windows Vista (In some cases this does effect Windows XP machines).

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  1. When you go to add a printer to the Mac OS X system hold the alt or option key when you press the + button to add a printer this will give you additional options. Press and hold alt or option as well and click on "More Printers..." when the option appears.
  2. Choose Advanced from the first menu
  3. Choose Windows Printer Via Samba from the Device menu
  4. In the device name field name the printer to what you would like to see it called on your Mac OS X system.
  5. In the device URI field use the following syntax, replaced with the appropriate information:
  6. Choose the printer driver
  7. Click on Add

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Last Updated: 06/25/2008 04:42 AM

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