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No audio playing from system with all connections and drivers in place

Problem Description:

Your computer will not play any audio, despite all audio connections being correct, and drivers being installed.

Cause of the Problem:

Some sound cards have a front panel connector on them, these connectors will close the circuit allowing both front panel and rear panel audio to work.

If the connector is loose or not plugged in, the audio can stop working.

In some cases if the connector IS plugged in the rear audio connectors are disabled, allowing only the front panel connectors to work.

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Check to make sure the front panel audio connector is secure on the mother board, if it is not, connect it.

If it is connected securely try connecting the speakers to the front panel audio ports, if this does not fix the issue it is likely a failure with the sound card has occured.

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Last Updated: 08/04/2008 07:41 AM

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