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Sony laptop gets an Error HDD Protection Enabled message

Problem Description:

You get an error "HDD Protection Enabled" on a sony laptop, while it is sitting idle.

When this error occurs you are unable to save or read data from your laptop hard drive.

Cause of the Problem:

Most newer Sony laptops have a sensor to detect when the laptop is dropped, or takes a hard bump.

This feature is to protect the hard drive from damage that can occur from falling, or being bumped hard. However it can sometimes create false positives, or could be an issue where the hard drive cable, or drive itself inside the laptop is loose.

If the drive or cable is not fully secured it can cause small vibrations resulting in the sensor picking them up and thinking the laptop is falling.

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First you will want to verify that the hard drive is secured inside the laptop, and that all appropriate padding foam is in place. If the drive is secured appropriately, you should then make sure the data cable for the drive is secured as well. This should of course be done by an authorized Sony technician.

If everything is appropriately secured, then there is a final option to adjust the detection settings.

  1. Click the Start button and then click All Programs .
  2. In the All Programs menu, click VAIO Central .
  3. In the VAIO Central window, on the Categories tab, click the plus (+) next to Security to expand the selection.
  4. Under Security , click Hard Disk Drive Protection Settings and then click the Open button.
  5. In the VAIO HDD Protection window, configure the appropriate settings.

That will allow you to reduce the sensitivity of the sensor, and it is possible to turn it off. However that is not recommended as the drive will not be protected from any accidental bumps or drops. This would not be any less than a laptop without the fall protection feature.

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Last Updated: 01/10/2009 11:48 AM

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