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Unable to connect to wireless networks on laptop

Problem Description:

You are unable to connect to a wireless network on your laptop, but others can.

Cause of the Problem:

Your wireless settings may be incorrect, or your wireless card is turned off.

If you are using the Windows XP wireless manager (Zero Configuration Utility) it may not support WPA access.

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1. Maybe sure your built-in wireless card is enabled and turned on. Often this is controlled by a key on the keyboard or at the front of the laptop. A light should turn on to indicate the wireless is turned on. This light could be near the top of the keyboard close to the monitor, or on the wireless button.

2. If you are attempting to connect with the Windows Wireless manage (Zero Configuration Utility) make sure that you have updated your system to Service pack 2 or later, as this will add support for WPA.

3. Verify your wireless settings are correct, and try to connect again.

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Last Updated: 06/08/2008 11:38 PM

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