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Unable to view email in Thunderbird after upgrading to Windows Vista

Problem Description:

After upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista you are unable to view email in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Additionally if you have any folders under your mail account they will not show up.

Cause of the Problem:

If you have your mail storage folder on a different drive than your operating system, or user profile you will encounter this issue.

For some reason the Thunderbird database prepends the operating system drive letter to the path of the mail storage folder.

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Simply change the setting under your email account to point to the correct location again.

To do this open Thunderbird

  1. Select the email account in question
  2. Right click on the email account and select properties
  3. In the options on the left choose "Server Settings" for the email account
  4. Under the option on the right for local directory, press browse and set it to the correct directory.
  5. Press ok to save the changes
  6. Repeat the above for any other email accounts with this issue.
  7. Close Thunderbird and reopen it.

This should take care of the issue of the folders and emails being missing.

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Last Updated: 01/12/2009 02:25 AM

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