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Unable to print only in word perfect

Problem Description:

You are able to print fine from any windows program, are unable to print from Corel Word Perfect.

Windows test pages also work fine, and other applications in the Corel package work fine as well.

Cause of the Problem:

You likely do not have permission to a registry entry for Corel Word Perfect, or your Corel Print Server is not running.

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You can verify if you have permission to the registry entry by opening up regedit.exe by going to: Start-> Run and typing in regedit and pressing enter.

Navigate to HKEY Current User\Software\Corel\PrintEngine

You should be able to expand that branch of the registry and see what is inside it, if you get an error you do not have permission to that branch of the registry.

If you need to reset your registry permissions follow the instuctions on our Registry Permissions reset article.

If you need to run the corel print server you will need to find the shortcut to the program and add it to your startup. The corel print server is located in the Program Files\Word Perfect Office\Programs folder. Besure that you choose the Word Perfect Office folder for the version you are using. Once inside the program folder you should see a PrintServer110.exe or similair named file for your version.

You can then right click on the file and choose Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut). You can then drag and drop the desktop that you placed on your desktop to your Startup folder in your Start Menu. You will then want to either run the print server, or restart your computer.

If either of the above does not work, make sure you are closed out of Word Perfect and attempt to delete the HKEY Current User\Software\Corel\PrintEngine registry branch. The next time you open Word Perfect the registry key will be re-created and should work fine.

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Last Updated: 04/09/2009 12:33 PM

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