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Unable to run program as administrator in Vista

Problem Description:

In Windows Vista you try to run a program as Administrator however the option is grayed out or disabled.

Cause of the Problem:

The run as administrator feature is provided by Vista's UAC (User Account Control) function. If UAC is turned off or disabled you will no longer be able to specify programs to run as Administrator because you will only be running with the full permissions that your user account has.

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Turn UAC back on to re-enable the option to run as administrator.

Open the control panel and go to User Accounts. Once there you will have an option to "Turn User Account Control on or off". Clicking on that will take you to another page that will give you a check box to use UAC, place a check in the box to enable UAC and press the OK button.

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Last Updated: 04/29/2009 08:07 AM

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