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Unable to browse or connect to the internet

Problem Description:

Unable to browse the internet or access web pages on your computer.

Cause of the Problem:
  1. Your internet connection may be down.
  2. You may have spyware on your system that is preventing your browser from working correctly.
  3. Your firewall or internet security software may be working incorrectly, or have a rule to block your web browser.
  4. Your ARP cache could be corrupt.

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Verify Internet Connection
1. Make sure that all of your network cables are plugged in.
2. Make sure that all of your network devices are turned on and working correctly.
3. Make sure that your computer is not setup to use a static IP address unless it is supposed to.
4. If you have a valid IP address, go to Start->Run and type in cmd and press enter.

Type into the command window:
and press enter.

You should receive a response from your DNS server. If not you have an issue with your ISP that needs to be resolved.

5. If all of the above are ok verify with another computer that it can get online. If another computer can get online you know there is a problem with just that computer.

Firewall and Internet Security Software
This is the second most comon issue, and unfortunately each product is different. Please check with your product vendor for instructions on changing your firewall settings.

You may quickly test to see if this is the issue by disabling your firewall or internet security software, and trying to connect again.

Spyware or Viruses
Please refer to our article on removing Spyware for more information.

Try Clearing the ARP Cache

  1. Go to Start->Run and then type in CMD and press enter.
  2. Type the following command in: netsh int ip delete arpcache
  3. Press enter. This will clear the cache.

Keep in mind that clearing the ARP Cache can fail if the "Routing and Remote Services" service is running.

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Last Updated: 06/17/2008 03:04 PM

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