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Unable to acquire an IP address from a DHCP Server

Problem Description:

You are unable to get an IP address from a DHCP Server with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.

Cause of the Problem:

The TCP/IP stack on a Windows computer can become corrupt or damaged, often because of Firewall/Internet Security Software.

If the TCP/IP stack is damaged a connection to the DHCP server can not be established, therefore you do not get an IP address.

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First verify that you indeed do have an active ethernet or wireless connection by checking your wiring, and or wireless settings.

Second verify that your issue is not caused by a static IP address configuration.

Next check your DHCP server to make sure that it is indeed running, sometimes they can hang up and require a reboot. In most home and small offices your router acts as your DHCP server.

Afterwards check your Internet security and/or firewall settings to make sure the network you are attempting to connect to is trusted.

If all of the above does not work, proceed with the following steps to reset your TCP/IP stack:

Using the Netsh tool you can repair the TCP/IP stack easily.

1. Go to Start->Run
2. Type in: cmd
3. Press enter or click on "Ok".
4. Type in: netsh int ip reset [log_file_name]
5. Replace [log_file_name] with a path to a log file to create. Such as c:\ipreset.log
6. Press Enter. The command should take only a few seconds to complete. Afterwards you may check the log file for issues that were corrected.
7. A restart of the computer is suggested at this point.
8. If you still are unable to acquire an IP address proceed to step 9
9. After the restart bring up the command console again.
10. Type the following: netsh winsock reset
11. Press enter and when the command completes restart the computer.
12. After restarting verify if an IP address can be obtained.

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Last Updated: 06/08/2008 11:58 PM

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