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Episode 2 Features of Mac OS X

I go over some of the cool features built directly into the Mac OS X. Such as the finder, application installations, spotlight, and just in general basic functionality of the operating system. For the most part all of the unuquie features of Mac OS X I find to just simply be "Oh that's cool", and nothing that would make me drop using Windows or really any operating system to switch to it. This goes the same way, if I look at Windows from an Apple standpoint, I don't see any features that wow me, or make me say "Yes I must switch for that". The biggest thing with Apple's interface is that they designed it to be easy, clean and simple. This is a strong point, but it also is a weakness when you start digging into needing to do more complex actions. This reflects the most when you start looking at productivity applications like word processors and email. The design differences in the Windows and Mac versions of those applications are very few.

Also in this video I  test out uStream for the first time for a live recording to see how it performs along side the normal recording methods.

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Last Updated: 09/06/2009 12:20 AM

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