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Systems may not run login scripts from an active directory

Problem Description:

Domain Login scripts do not appear to run on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 2000 workstations.

Cause of the Problem:

There are several possible causes for this issue.

  1. The script has an error in it.
  2. The Group Script policy is not enabled
  3. A communication issue exists with the domain controller and the workstation.

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First verify that your script indeed does run correctly.

Copy the script to a test computer. You should be able to run the script by simply double clicking on it under Windows 2000 or later should run the script. If the script does not run with the default double click action, it could indicate that there is an issue with the script or the scripting engine.

Second, verify that the Group policy settings are correct. These CAN effect logon scripts set to specific users in some cases.

In particular check to see that processing over a slow connection IS allowed. Even though you may have a high speed connection, a small timeout or additional login process could delay, or trick windows into thinking you have a slow connection, and thus not process the login script.

To Verify This Setting:
1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC, right-click on domain object and select Properties.
2. Select the Group Policy tab.
3. Select the Default Domain Policy (or any other enforced domain policy) and click Edit.
4. Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Group Policy.
5. Look for Scripts policy processing. Double click on Scipts policy processing and select Enabled. Then, also select Allow processing across a slow network connection in the box and press OK.
6. Close the Management Window.
7. Restart the Workstation and the Server.

Finally if this does not resolve the issue check to see if there is any communication delays with the Active Directory/Domain Controller and the workstation at logon.

1. Check to make sure the Primary DNS server is set to be the Active Directory.
2. Try uninstalling any client side Anti-Virus products to see if that resolves the issue. Remember to reinstall them after testing.
3. Check that all network cables are in good working order.
4. Run network diagnostics to see if there are any delays in sending traffic to the Active Directory/Domain Controller. Resolve any problems found.

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Last Updated: 03/01/2008 04:11 AM

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