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Unable to synchronize Palm OS Device with Outlook Calendar

Problem Description:

When you attempt to synchronize a Palm OS device with Microsoft Outlook, everything appears to synchronize except for your calendar.

Sometime the synchronization will provide an error log containing one of the following error codes:

Cause of the Problem:

The exact cause of this issue is not known. However it most cases it appears to be a security update that has been applied to Microsoft Outlook is the root cause of the issue.

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  1. Backup your Palm OS device to protect against possibly losing existing data and appointments.
  2. Get the latest Outlook Updater utility from the palm website and install it :
  3. Make sure Palm Destop and Hotsync are not running
  4. Open Outlook 2003 via the run menu
  5. click on START
  6. click on RUN
  7. Type "outlook /resetfolders" (This creates any missing default folders in outlook)
  8. Close Microsoft Outlook
  9. Open Outlook
  10. Click on the Help Menu
  11. Click on Detect and Repair (This will take several minutes, and may appear to be frozen, DO NOT STOP THIS PROCESS)
  12. Close Outlook
  13. Open Hotsync Manager and set calendar to "Synchronize all files"
  14. Close Hotsync Manager
  15. Reboot the computer
  16. Start Hotsync manager
  17. Synchronize your Palm device.

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Last Updated: 03/12/2008 08:29 PM

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